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Cwn Annwn

Channel faith

Spell: CHANNEL FAITH (a scroll of 'channel faith')
School: Conjuration
Complexity: 15%
Target: Offensive (Character)
SP Cost: 32 87
Classes that acquire this proficiency:
Priest, Shaman


This spell conjures the force of the caster's faith and channels it through them to smite their enemy. Depending on the Power behind the caster's religion, the spell will produce one of the following effects: Dira - a blast of crystalline-hardened air Maradas - a twisting latticework of razor-sharp thorns Ithrilis - a stream of freezing water Gath - a flow of molten lava Vandyne - a beam of light At higher levels, this spell can create more than one channel at a time, causing multiplied damage to the target. NOTE: This spell does not need to be scribed.

Mobiles known to carry this scroll:

Mobiles known to provide training in this proficiency:
*This proficiency is trained in Mount Vesuvius by the mob 'An elemental battlemage'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Towne of Xaventry by the mob 'A faith instructor'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Towne of Xaventry by the mob 'Graylth'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Village of Lasler by the mob 'Johann the trainer'.