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Cwn Annwn
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I got this today but I still have my splendid little war

Item ‘a splendid glass piece’ is type musical-instrument, alignment 0, made of glass (in (new) condition), has keywords ‘splendid glass piece long thin hollow rewardunits ru donation’. This item weighs 0 stones and 30 pebbles, and is valued at 100,250 gold. This level 10 item has the attributes: donation nodecay no-dispel bind-on-take This item has a default lifespan of 1 days and will expire on Thu Apr 21 22:27:55 2016. This aerophone - brasswind instrument has a 35 musical complexity modifier. Affects spell-accuracy by 10. Affects vorpal-weapon-activation-damage by 25. Grants knowledge of ‘music’ at 100%. This is part of the ‘The Holidaze Outfit’ set. You are currently wearing 1 of 2 items from the set. * Item ‘a splendid little war’ - Item ‘a splendid glass piece’ Alters power of ‘vacuum evocation’ by 10 (Requires 2 items). Alters power of ‘augment aura’ by 60 (Requires 2 items). Alters power of ‘desecrate armor’ by 30 (Requires 2 items). Alters power of ‘disjunction’ by 25 (Requires 2 items). +++ a splendid glass piece will, when used to play the song ‘fireball’, confuse instead.

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