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Item: Vandemaar's Magic Mirror

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Item 'Vandemaar's Magic Mirror' is type transmitter, alignment 0, made of glass,
has keywords 'vandemaar quest magic mirror'.
This item weighs 1 stones and 75 pebbles, and is valued at 5,000 gp.
This level 60 item has the attributes: insulated wont-fuse unbreakable nodecay no-sac owner-only save-location
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
This is a large mirror with a heavily-carved wooden frame.  Fantastic
creatures and symbols have been carved into the wood all around the oval
frame, with an exceptionally detailed serpent design wrapping around the
entirety of the mirror.  The glass has a thick bevel and has a few spots on
it where the silvering has worn off with age.  

Long description: A large, beveled mirror with an ornate wooden frame has been set here.
This item can be found in Quest Item.
Mobiles known to carry this item:
*This item is sold in The Towne of New Rigel by 'Lord Vashir'.
This item is required by the following quests:
- Propaganda (241-241) from Baron Nezak.