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Item: a bracer of the Beltan knights

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Item 'a bracer of the Beltan knights' is type jewelry, alignment 0, made of platinum,
has keywords 'platinum wristlet shiny bracer beltane knights', equipped on the wrist.
This item weighs 0 stones and 6 pebbles, and is valued at 5,000 gp.
This level 9 item has the attributes: insulated no-dispel bind-on-take
Affects agility by 1.
Affects sanity by 2.
*Your level must be less than or equal to 40 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
This wrist ornament doesn't seem to offer a lot in the way of protection,
but its mystical benefits seem to outweigh the risks.  Infused with the
power of the Beltan centaurs, simply slipping this small ornament on makes
you feel more energetic.  Small clay runes hang from the woven platinum
chain, looped around the wrist and held with a tiny clasp.  

Long description: A platinum wristlet is here, shinily glinting the light spectrum across the room.
This item can be found in The Village of Lasler.
Mobiles known to carry this item:
*This item is dropped in The Village of Lasler by the mob 'A Beltan knight-errant'.
Dublew ..:

anyone know how to get them?..
Gza Bind on take:

Took me a form of 2 cavs and a druid to do it. Still one of us died. Oh and lots of potions to cure.

He webs, magic darts for 33 damage and faerie fires.
I think he's easier to kill now.
Syll Stupidly so