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Cwn Annwn


Long Desc: A large ogre bartender stands here with a stormy look on his face.

Ug was once an impressive fighter, but after the Overlord arrived he was
reduced to selling warm ale behind a wooden counter.  Would you be in a good
mood in his situation?  Just do yourself one favor and be careful not to
spill your beer.  Ug hates cleaning up after people more than anything else,
and if you won't clean up your own messes, he'll make you clean it up!

He is a ogre approximately 6'1" tall.

This NPC can be found in: Irda Isle.
  …in The Skewered Dragon.
*This NPC is a shopkeeper.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is stationary.
This NPC is known to carry the following items:
1) a glass of chardonnay 10 85 gp
2) a shot of whiskey 10 35 gp
3) a bottle of Beltane red beer 10 45 gp
4) a bottle of white wine 10 145 gp
5) Maldra's specialty 20 500 gp
6) a bottle of vodka 10 250 gp
7) a bottle of sparkling champagne 10 250 gp
8) a glass of champagne 10 250 gp
9) a bottle of brandy 10 250 gp
10) a bottle of cognac 10 250 gp
11) a bottle of cabernet 10 130 gp
12) a bottle of lager 10 25 gp
13) a stout of ale 10 30 gp
14) a bottle of firebreather 10 45 gp
15) a bottle of local specialty 10 50 gp
16) a bottle of Lowangen's Finest 160 22,500 gp