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Cwn Annwn

NPC: A risen paladin

NPC: A risen paladin
Long Desc: The corpse of a risen paladin shuffles along here.

For the paladins of Rune Graveyard, this is the cruelest end of all for
them.  The paladin's fellows must be forced to slay him again, tearing the
corpse apart in disregard of usual custom.  A good life has ended in the fog
of undeath for this paladin, still dressed in the armor they fell in, albeit
burnished with blood and gore now.  The corpse is covered with slashes and
cuts, most of them shallow, but as is usual with the undead, a large bite
has been ripped out of the jugular.

She is a undead approximately 5'7" tall.

This NPC can be found in: Rune Forest.
This NPC is known to carry the following items:
This NPC carries 'a lime green vial', a level 25 potion.
This mob is required by the following quests:
- Pest Control (20-40) from Lord Agrippa.
- Rat Extermination (110-180) from Lord Agrippa.
- Revenge (10-60) from A bloodied groom.