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Quest: Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Assist the Ogre Nomad

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This quest [3220] is called 'Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Assist the Ogre Nomad',
for Adventurers levels 5 to 19.
Tutorial [] is the master in charge of this quest.
Fortunetelling nomads often pass through Lasler, on their walkabout
wanderings through the continent of Sepharia. One of the cruel ironies of
that profession is that the more honest and accurate one is, the worse that
fortunes are received- especially in lean times.

Given that the King Crab, Atrascus, has been stalking and killing
townspeople, an honest fortune about the future is one of the worst things
to provide someone. Charlatans have been spotted out the north gate of the
Village, waiting to pounce on those who want fortunes told but prefer
comforting lies to dangerous truths.

Help out this honest ogre, first by disposing of the liar competition, and
then by getting rid of the King Crab who has made all news be bad news.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 0 quest points, 0 practice points, 0 experience points,
 0 build points, 0 piety, and 0 gold pieces.
This quest has no time limit.
Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Assist the Ogre Nomad consists of:
Phase 1: Visit A down-on-her-luck ogre nomad.
Phase 2: Journey to Entrance to Ghering Caverns.
Phase 3: Visit A nomad.
Phase 4: Defeat A nomad [Group]. [3 times]