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Quest: Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - The Lutomancer's Dirty Work

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This quest [3219] is called 'Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - The Lutomancer's Dirty Work',
for Adventurers levels 5 to 19.
Tutorial [] is the master in charge of this quest.
A practicioner of dirt-magic was hauling a load of grimy old waste out of
Lasler's schoolhouse- an act of volunteerism for his tutors, but also a
self-serving amassing of dirty old things that he needs for research. The
dastardly King Crab attempted to make a meal of the mage, but only succeeded
in destroying the mage's cart and belongings.

The lutomancer knows that as a novice, he standards no chance against the
Crab- but at least he can attempt to retrieve more dirty belongings for his
homework assignment.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 0 quest points, 0 practice points, 0 experience points,
 0 build points, 0 piety, and 0 gold pieces.
This quest has no time limit.
Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - The Lutomancer's Dirty Work consists of:
Phase 1: Visit A novice lutomancer.
Phase 2: Make your way to the north border of Lasler, beyond the village gates and the cemetery. Head towards the cliff face and the entrance to the Ghering Caverns.
Phase 3: Find the little brat that the lutomancer spoke of.
Phase 4: She likely cannot be reasoned with, so do what it takes to obtain her rag doll.
Phase 5: Obtain the brat's raggety doll.
Phase 6: Head back to the lutomancer and give him the doll he needs.