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Cwn Annwn

Room: The Audience Room of Lord Vashir

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This room is within The Towne of New Rigel.

Center map on The Audience Room of Lord Vashir

 The Audience Room of Lord Vashir                       -      -      - 
(-------------------------------------------------)     W <---(M)---> -
                                                        SW     S      -

The audience room is spacious, allowing people to move around without
jostling others.  People and merchants stand around, talking quietly amongst
themselves, waiting to be addressed by Lord Vashir, himself.  Along the
walls are soft chairs for the weary to rest upon.  The walls bear nothing
out of the ordinary, other than the family crest of Vashir.  There is a
humble feeling to the Lord's chamber.  
     The throne of Lord Vashir shines in the light.
Lord Vashir sits on his throne, attending to all who come before him.


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