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Consecrate food

Spell: CONSECRATE FOOD (a scroll of 'consecrate food')
School: Enchantment
Complexity: 8%
SP Cost: 24 70
Classes that acquire this proficiency:
Paladin, Priest, Shaman


Increases the amount of sustenance the target food will provide. Has a chance of removing poison, or other harmful effects from the food. Generally not considered a very useful spell. Example: You begin to speak the words of the spell... You have completed your casting. A browning mandrake leaf and a shimmering white fish scale flare brightly and vanish! You kneel down and begin to pray quietly. An iron ration shimmers briefly with a fortifying aura. From: When eaten, this food will give 120 minutes of sustenance. To: When eaten, this food will give 210 minutes of sustenance.

Mobiles known to carry this scroll:
*This scroll is dropped in Runic Castle by the mob 'Kirra the head cook'.
*This scroll is dropped in Tavern of the Boars by the mob 'Delphina, the Master Chef'.

Mobiles known to provide training in this proficiency:
*This proficiency is trained in Lowangen by the mob 'Sorina'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Towne of Xaventry by the mob 'A faith instructor'.
*This proficiency is trained in Towne of Rune by the mob 'Jacquard'.
*This proficiency is trained in Vospire by the mob 'The guildmaster'.
Veneficus This comes from Mr. Humphries in Maldra Keep, in cpk.
Veneficus a translucent bronze scroll