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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(321, 1175) in Alyria Yes
You see the looming presence of Mount Vesuvius, and beneath it, the towne of Vospire.

Items in area Vospire

Item name Level Type Location
staff a baron's rod 180 staff Vospire
fountain a barrel of blood 10 fountain Vospire
clothing a black and white tuxedo 15 clothing Vospire
potion a bubbling aquamarine potion 100 potion Vospire
potion a bubbling blue potion 100 potion Vospire
potion a bubbling purple potion 100 potion Vospire
potion a bubbling yellow potion 100 potion Vospire
weapon a composite long bow 180 weapon Vospire
figurine a copper figurine of the king 130 figurine Vospire
reagent-astral a crystallized lava rock 10 reagent-astral Vospire
drink-container a delicious shot of whisky 30 drink-container Vospire
weapon a discipline stick 110 weapon Vospire
armor a flame colored cloak 160 armor Vospire
treasure a flame red carnation 80 treasure Vospire
food a fresh steak 10 food Vospire
reagent-astral a gem of Maradas 1 reagent-astral Vospire
armor a horned bronze helm 150 armor Vospire
key a key enchanted with an ancient benediction 241 key Vospire
key a large golden key 1 key Vospire
container a large treasure chest 60 container Vospire
amulet a little bone figurine 241 amulet Vospire
warp-stone a rapidly-clicking Puzzle Box 240 warp-stone Vospire
weapon a shining admantite sword 190 weapon Vospire
armor a shiny iron breastplate 180 armor Vospire
clothing a silk wedding gown 50 clothing Vospire
weapon a solid steel battleaxe 180 weapon Vospire
weapon a standard sword of Vospire 130 weapon Vospire
statue a statue of the Ash Dragon 1 statue Vospire
weapon a steel tipped spear 150 weapon Vospire
treasure a strangely familiar picture 100 treasure Vospire
armor a thick mithril shield 160 armor Vospire
pill a twisted black herb 100 pill Vospire
pill a twisted violet herb 100 pill Vospire
pill a twisted white herb 100 pill Vospire
container an alveolate Trigaelian sword 241 container Vospire
drink-container an amber bottle 25 drink-container Vospire
artifact an earth orb 10 artifact Vospire
treasure an exotic blue rose 50 treasure Vospire
treasure an extravagant, gem-encrusted crown 100 treasure Vospire
weapon an iron spiked mace 180 weapon Vospire
light an iron-plated solenoid 240 light Vospire
book an old scripture 150 book Vospire
weapon hook of the vampire 99 weapon Vospire
armor Huruk's soul 240 armor Vospire
weapon the blade of fury 220 weapon Vospire
key the lair key 10 key Vospire
book the Legends of Vospire 120 book Vospire
weapon the mighty mace of hope 220 weapon Vospire
jewelry the ring of the serpent 200 jewelry Vospire
weapon the spear of justice 225 weapon Vospire
weapon the sword of judgement 150 weapon Vospire

NPCs in area Vospire

NPC Location
A capable castle guard Vospire
A card dealer Vospire
A castle archer Vospire
A castle mistress Vospire
A citizen Vospire
A city guard of Vospire Vospire
A commoner Vospire
A friendly dragon Vospire
A janitor Vospire
A knight of Vospire Vospire
A levitating guru Vospire
A merchant Vospire
A museum patron Vospire
A park keeper Vospire
A peaceful adherent Vospire
A priest of Vandyne Vospire
A ragged prisoner Vospire
A resident of Vospire Vospire
A rooster Vospire
A statue of the Ash Dragon Vospire
A talented small fish Vospire
A tame dragon Vospire
A town official Vospire
A vampire thief Vospire
A Vospire councilman Vospire
A wild-eyed centaur Vospire
A young squire Vospire
A young woman Vospire
Abdalla Vospire
Alazia Vospire
An aggressive rooster Vospire
An insane man Vospire
An ogre postmaster Vospire
Arana the Shopkeeper Vospire
Brand Vospire
Captain Meanna Vospire
Darlyn Vospire
Farlane Vospire
Halster Vospire
Marle Vospire
Olyssius Vospire
Raenna Vospire
Seliana Vospire
Shallam Vospire
The Ash Dragon Vospire
The Bank Teller Vospire
The Blacksmith Vospire
The castle cook Vospire
The Cleric of Vospire Vospire
The Court Hobbit Vospire
The gatekeeper Vospire
The Great Elder Vospire
The Grocer Vospire
The Guildmaster Vospire
The guildmaster Vospire
The Head Councilman Vospire
The King of Vospire Vospire
The King's Guard Vospire
The Mortician Vospire
The prim librarian Vospire
The Senator Vospire
The shopkeeper Vospire
The Warden Vospire
Valanis Vospire
Wanda the Shopkeeper Vospire

Special rooms in the area

Room name
The Main Hallway
Abdalla's Pawn Shop
Alazia's Tavern
Arana's Flower Shop
Brand's Antique Shop
Darlyn's Shop of the Infinite Future
Marle's Magical Potions
Raenna's Eatery
Seliana's Tailoring
Shallam's Medicine
The Battered Shield
The Blacksmith's Forge
The Fiery Blade
The General Store
The Vospire Bridal Shop
Valanis's Map Shop
Vospire Magical Arts
Vospire Magical Inventory
The Vospire Library
Town Square of Vospire
A Thief's Hideaway
The High Council's Audience Chamber
A Shady Gambling Den
Locker Rentals
Temple of Vospire
The Resting Room
Temple of Vospire