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Quest: Basic Weaponry

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This quest [32884] is called 'Basic Weaponry',
for Adventurers levels 15 to 250.
The Council of Seven's envoy to Lord Telleri [Tellerium] is the master in charge of this quest.
SWORDS and SPEARS are the most common bladed weapons found
throughout Alyria. Even the gentle farmer has been known to turn to a heavy
blade in times of trouble. While Fighters use a wide range of weapons from
bladed to blunt ones, thrown to held ones and even some exotic ones, they
all start off with a SWORD or a SPEAR. Visit the Fighters Guild
here in Tellerium to learn where to get a good SWORD and SPEAR.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 35 quest points, 3 practice points, 37,000 experience points,
 4 build points, 0 piety, and 4,000 gold pieces.
You have 200 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
Basic Weaponry consists of:
Phase 1: Journey to Tellerium Fighters' Guild.
Phase 2: Visit The practice trainer. [ Hidden ]
Phase 3: Journey to Practice Weapons and Armor Storage. [ Hidden ]
Phase 4: Journey to Jordain's Weapons. [ Hidden ]
Phase 5: Journey to Weapons Galore. [ Hidden ]