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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(1720, 690) in Alyria Yes Towne
You see the formidable stone walls of the warrior town of Tellerium.

Items in area Tellerium

Item name Level Type Location
weapon a ball and chain 21 weapon Tellerium
weapon a baton 20 weapon Tellerium
jewelry a beautiful sapphire ring 15 jewelry Tellerium
musical-instrument a bell ankle bracelet 20 musical-instrument Tellerium
fountain a bloody corpse 10 fountain Tellerium
book a book on modern accounting 16 book Tellerium
potion a bottle of ground tourmaline powder 20 potion Tellerium
potion a bottle of maleficarum oil 20 potion Tellerium
potion a bottle of perfume 15 potion Tellerium
pill a bottle of pills 20 pill Tellerium
plant a bouquet of cut flowers 10 plant Tellerium
clothing a brightly-flowered shirt 10 clothing Tellerium
trash a bucket of fish guts 5 trash Tellerium
jewelry a charm bracelet 15 jewelry Tellerium
container a classy trophy case 10 container Tellerium
clothing a colorful checkered shirt 15 clothing Tellerium
food a crown roast 10 food Tellerium
jewelry a crystal tiara 100 jewelry Tellerium
trash a fish head 5 trash Tellerium
armor a form-fitting breastplate 20 armor Tellerium
light a gilded lantern 20 light Tellerium
pill a lavender root 15 pill Tellerium
container a leather scabbard 14 container Tellerium
food a leg of lamb 10 food Tellerium
clothing a leopard skin loincloth 10 clothing Tellerium
clothing a light bonnet 10 clothing Tellerium
weapon a longbow 17 weapon Tellerium
weapon a meat cleaver 14 weapon Tellerium
clothing a mitre 28 clothing Tellerium
drink-container a mug of coffee 12 drink-container Tellerium
clothing a pair of flannel trousers 10 clothing Tellerium
clothing a pair of lacy white gloves 15 clothing Tellerium
clothing a pair of silk slippers 17 clothing Tellerium
armor a pair of steel armplates 30 armor Tellerium
armor a pair of steel boots 30 armor Tellerium
armor a pair of steel gauntlets 15 armor Tellerium
armor a pair of steel shinplates 30 armor Tellerium
clothing a pair of white cotton gloves 15 clothing Tellerium
weapon a paladin's broadsword of smiting 33 weapon Tellerium
pill a piece of mandrake bark 15 pill Tellerium
artifact a pipe 15 artifact Tellerium
plant a potted fern 5 plant Tellerium
plant a prickly cactus 10 plant Tellerium
plant a pure white lily 5 plant Tellerium
weapon a rake 18 weapon Tellerium
clothing a red cape 30 clothing Tellerium
weapon a riding crop 19 weapon Tellerium
seed a rose seed 10 seed Tellerium
clothing a ruffled peasant skirt 10 clothing Tellerium
weapon a silver dagger 12 weapon Tellerium
food a slice of cured ham 10 food Tellerium
weapon a small crossbow 25 weapon Tellerium
treasure a small ruby 10 treasure Tellerium
weapon a small steel halberd 25 weapon Tellerium
weapon a small steel pike 25 weapon Tellerium
weapon a soldier's pike 22 weapon Tellerium
pill a sprig of heather 15 pill Tellerium
trash a stair railing 20 trash Tellerium
weapon a standard-issue sword of Tellerium 30 weapon Tellerium
armor a steel breastplate 30 armor Tellerium
armor a steel helmet 15 armor Tellerium
armor a steel helmet 30 armor Tellerium
jewelry a strand of pearls 15 jewelry Tellerium
jewelry a stunning sapphire ring 15 jewelry Tellerium
musical-instrument a tambourine 20 musical-instrument Tellerium
clothing a top hat 10 clothing Tellerium
clothing a tropical straw hat 10 clothing Tellerium
potion a vial of powdered rose petals 15 potion Tellerium
clothing a Viridian archer's patch 55 clothing Tellerium
armor a wooden buckler 13 armor Tellerium
musical-instrument a wooden lute 15 musical-instrument Tellerium
weapon a wooden practice sword 12 weapon Tellerium
weapon a yellow yo-yo 45 weapon Tellerium
pill an aloe vera branch 10 pill Tellerium
seed an aloe vera seed 10 seed Tellerium
jewelry an antique cameo 15 jewelry Tellerium
container an antique wooden chest 15 container Tellerium
weapon an elvish bow 30 weapon Tellerium
clothing an emerald green blouse 15 clothing Tellerium
armor an epauliere 15 armor Tellerium
clothing an exotic silk sarong 10 clothing Tellerium
key an inn key 10 key Tellerium
key an inn key 10 key Tellerium
key an inn key 10 key Tellerium
key an inn key 10 key Tellerium
key an inn key 10 key Tellerium
key an inn key to room five 5 key Tellerium
key an inn key to room four 5 key Tellerium
key an inn key to room one 5 key Tellerium
key an inn key to room three 5 key Tellerium
key an inn key to room two 5 key Tellerium
weapon an iron halberd 24 weapon Tellerium
weapon an oak gavel 40 weapon Tellerium
artifact an obelisk 20 artifact Tellerium
fountain an ornate fountain 10 fountain Tellerium
potion distilled lotus nectar 15 potion Tellerium
clothing dungarees 10 clothing Tellerium
potion essence of moondrops 15 potion Tellerium
food fried fish 10 food Tellerium
food fried potato wedges 5 food Tellerium
food fried seagull 10 food Tellerium
clothing judge's robes 35 clothing Tellerium
musical-instrument seashell castanets 25 musical-instrument Tellerium
pill some dried seaweed 10 pill Tellerium
trash some fish eggs 5 trash Tellerium
armor some flexible leather armor 15 armor Tellerium
armor some hinged spats 15 armor Tellerium
food some onion rings 5 food Tellerium
pill some orchid stamens 15 pill Tellerium
clothing some silk stockings 10 clothing Tellerium
food spare ribs 10 food Tellerium
clothing the belt of intelligence 30 clothing Tellerium
jewelry the circlet of power 33 jewelry Tellerium
clock the clock tower 1 clock Tellerium
food the entrails of a small cricket 5 food Tellerium

NPCs in area Tellerium

NPC Location
A bank teller Tellerium
A bar patron Tellerium
A bar patron Tellerium
A bewildered sorcerer Tellerium
A blackjack dealer Tellerium
A brewery worker Tellerium
A bull mastiff Tellerium
A busy chef Tellerium
A busy cook Tellerium
A busy waitress Tellerium
A butler Tellerium
A card dealer Tellerium
A common man Tellerium
A council member Tellerium
A court reporter Tellerium
A courtesan Tellerium
A crafty rogue Tellerium
A dedicated nurse Tellerium
A dingy hound Tellerium
A district judge Tellerium
A domestic woman Tellerium
A doodling prisoner Tellerium
A drunken sailor Tellerium
A dry dock worker Tellerium
A dwarf adventurer Tellerium
A factory worker Tellerium
A fascinated tourist Tellerium
A federal judge Tellerium
A ferret Tellerium
A fishery worker Tellerium
A friendly entrepreneur Tellerium
A ghost Tellerium
A grimy cook Tellerium
A hardworking librarian Tellerium
A horned iguana Tellerium
A lazy vagrant Tellerium
A lord Tellerium
A lumberyard worker Tellerium
A masseuse Tellerium
A member of the honor guard Tellerium
A mill worker Tellerium
A minotaur boy Tellerium
A nibbling rat Tellerium
A novice adventuress Tellerium
A pampered customer Tellerium
A paramour Tellerium
A patient Tellerium
A patron Tellerium
A peaceful djinn Tellerium
A poor resident Tellerium
A postal clerk Tellerium
A recently-retired adventurer Tellerium
A relaxed man Tellerium
A relaxing resident Tellerium
A representative from the Tellerium Tourism Board Tellerium
A rich person Tellerium
A royal horse Tellerium
A sailor Tellerium
A sawmill worker Tellerium
A scholar of combat Tellerium
A seedy barfly Tellerium
A shady individual Tellerium
A small cricket Tellerium
A small monkey Tellerium
A soused sailor Tellerium
A spa worker Tellerium
A speckled pony Tellerium
A spinster Tellerium
A squab Tellerium
A stallion Tellerium
A stocky, well-built man Tellerium
A stray cat Tellerium
A street thug Tellerium
A strumpet Tellerium
A student of combat Tellerium
A surgeon Tellerium
A swan Tellerium
A tellerium guard Tellerium
A textile worker Tellerium
A tired waitress Tellerium
A vigilant prison guard Tellerium
A wandering child Tellerium
A weary waitress Tellerium
A young minotaur combat student Tellerium
A young waitress Tellerium
Addison Fink, the innkeeper Tellerium
Alden Tellerium
An ambassador Tellerium
An elder Tellerium
An elderly person Tellerium
An intermediate artificer Tellerium
Angus Morgan Tellerium
Anjou Morgan Tellerium
Arielle the tour guide Tellerium
Azaria the Shipwright Tellerium
Bovel, the barkeep Tellerium
Caitlyn Tellerium
Catherine Tellerium
Dlerick Tellerium
Doctor Felstaff Tellerium
Dreen Tellerium
Fenblade, the rogue bartender Tellerium
Frederick Tellerium
Fritz Tellerium
Gebron Tellerium
Gerald Tellerium
Gina Tellerium
Goodnail, the wench Tellerium
Hamtrack Tellerium
Herbert Smythe Tellerium
Hetta Tellerium
Humphrey Lambert Tellerium
Jeldar Tellerium
Jena Tellerium
Jim Tellerium
Jolel Lambert Tellerium
Jordain Tellerium
Josefina Smythe Tellerium
Kessler Tellerium
Klinn Tellerium
Lady Goldwell Tellerium
Lady Telleri Tellerium
Lord Telleri Tellerium
Manto Tellerium
Master Franklin Tellerium
McGiles, the proprietor Tellerium
Meldar Tellerium
Metra Tellerium
Mr. Tankerd Tellerium
Mrs. Rose Tellerium
Onita Tellerium
Paolo Tellerium
Pravus, the Enforcer Tellerium
Sir Blumbert Tellerium
Tempus Van Pelt Tellerium
The archery trainer Tellerium
The bank president Tellerium
The bishop Tellerium
The busy head nurse Tellerium
The Captain of the Tellerium Jail Tellerium
The cartographer Tellerium
The cavalier trainer Tellerium
The Council of Seven's envoy to Lord Telleri Tellerium
The defensive arts trainer Tellerium
The district clerk Tellerium
The dodging trainer Tellerium
The duckling Tellerium
The fish monger Tellerium
The gatekeeper Tellerium
The governor Tellerium
The groundskeeper Tellerium
The head elder Tellerium
The head lord Tellerium
The head of Tellerium Social Services Tellerium
The headmaster Tellerium
The lighthouse keeper Tellerium
The locksmith Tellerium
The mill manager Tellerium
The practice trainer Tellerium
The rogue guildmaster Tellerium
The sawmill manager Tellerium
The shopkeeper Tellerium
The shopkeeper Tellerium
The shopkeeper Tellerium
The Tellerium clan master Tellerium
The throwing trainer Tellerium
The town treasurer Tellerium
The trainer Tellerium
The vicar Tellerium
The yard manager Tellerium
Trader Vitus Tellerium
Tutamen, the Enforcer Tellerium
Uny'yun the aged Tellerium
Urkfet, the bartender Tellerium
Uy, valkyrie guardian of the Nayar tribe Tellerium
Vedick Tellerium
Wayland Tellerium
Yelman Tellerium

Special rooms in the area

Room name
Jasper Pond
Palazzo Fountain
Tellerium Parcel Service
The Tellerium Clan Master's Offices
Alden's Fine Apparel
Burning Lantern Tavern
Dreen's Armor
Fish Monger
Frederick's Butcher Shop
Fritz's Fried Foods
Gina's Boutique
Hamtrack's Bakery
Jeldar's Pawned Inventory
Jim's Bait Shop
Jordain's Weapons
Knave's Tavern
Manto's Smithy
Metra's Fine Jewelry
Ocean View Restaurant
Onita's Conservatory
Paolo's Pristine Antiques
Peachtree Tavern
Sailor's Haven Tavern
Seagull Tavern
Tellerium Cartography
Tellerium General Goods
Tellerium Locksmith
Tellerium Pet Store
The Worker's Cafe
Battle Arena
Tellerium Bank
Operating Room