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Cwn Annwn

NPC: The dodging trainer

NPC: The dodging trainer
Long Desc: The dodging trainer shows students how to avoid a blow in combat.

An expert in his field, the trainer's job is to teach his students to be
proficient enough at a skill to be able to practice on their own until
mastering it.  The man before you could easily kill you but since dead
students generally don't pay tuition, the administration encourages the
trainer to try not to hurt his pupils during the lessons.

He is a human approximately 5'7" tall.

This NPC can be found in: Tellerium.
  …in Defensive Practice Room.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is a trainer.
This NPC allows training in the following proficiencies:
This mob is required by the following quests:
- Fast Healing (35-250) from Lord Telleri.
- A Warrior's Defense (25-250) from Lord Telleri.
- The Agile Rogue (55-250) from Lord Vashir.
- Slackers (40-59) from Lord Telleri.
- Mage Meditation (40-250) from Lord Vendredi.