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Quest: Warrior Culture

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This quest [32839] is called 'Warrior Culture',
for Adventurers levels 25 to 250.
The Council of Seven's envoy to Lord Telleri [Tellerium] is the master in charge of this quest.
Tellerium has a very rich history of combat and conflict. Hundreds of
thousands of battles have been fought at the amphitheater. Virtually every
adventurer comes through Tellerium to train their combat skills at some
point. I host many tournaments throughout the year, not just for
entertainment, but to to make sure that Tellerium has the best fighters in
the world. Go and check in with a few of the trainers and either get
acquainted with them or continue your education. I am sure that you'll no
doubt run into one of your peers that is learning the arts of combat as
well. Finally, head to the Hall of Heroes and talk to one of the guards
about the history of Tellerium.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 45 quest points, 3 practice points, 25,000 experience points,
 5 build points, 0 piety, and 3,000 gold pieces.
You have 200 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
Warrior Culture consists of:
Phase 1: Journey to Tellerium Fighters' Guild. [Ambiguous] (database link may be wrong)
Phase 2: Journey to Cavalier's Guild.
Phase 3: Visit A young minotaur combat student.
Phase 4: Visit Dreen.
Phase 5: Visit Jordain.
Phase 6: Visit The defensive arts trainer.
Phase 7: Visit A member of the honor guard.