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Quest: Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Comfort the Grieving Mother

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This quest [3218] is called 'Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Comfort the Grieving Mother',
for Adventurers levels 5 to 19.
Tutorial [] is the master in charge of this quest.
This poor woman's daughter was killed in an ambush by the King Crab. Even
long after the girl's funeral, her mother grieves for what is lost, and her
rapidly-fading memories. Descend into the Ghering Caverns north of the
Lasler village gates, and find out what happened to this woman's most
precious possession, a watercolor portrait of her daughter.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 0 quest points, 0 practice points, 0 experience points,
 0 build points, 0 piety, and 0 gold pieces.
This quest has no time limit.
Atrascus the King Crab Tutorial - Comfort the Grieving Mother consists of:
Phase 1: Visit A grieving mother.
Phase 2: Journey to Outside the Cemetery.
Phase 3: Journey to A Rocky Place.
Phase 4: Journey to A Damp Cavern.
Phase 5: Journey to A Dim Cavern.
Phase 6: Journey to A Dim Passage.
Phase 7: Journey to A Cavern Passageway.
Phase 8: Journey to End of the Passage.
Phase 9: Journey to A Stone Stairwell.
Phase 10: Visit A cowering xorn.
Phase 11: Defeat with a formation a cowering xorn.