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Cwn Annwn

Call lightning

Spell: CALL LIGHTNING (a scroll of 'call lightning')
School: Evocation
Complexity: 28%
Target: Offensive (Character)
SP Cost: 50 120
Classes that acquire this proficiency:
Priest, Shaman


The downside to this spell is that it can only be cast outdoors. The upside is that it does phenomenal damage for a low-reagent, 3-second, 28%-complexity spell. Surprisingly useful against hunters. Call lightning can cause a lag for the target, like most electrically based spells can. Woe unto the dwarf webbed in outdoor PK against someone with this spell trained up.

    1 fire reagent, 1 air reagent

Related proficiencies:
    chain lightning, lightning bolt, lightning evocation, thunderstorm

Mobiles known to carry this scroll:
*This scroll is dropped in Catacombs of Shame by the mob 'The Air Queen'.
*This scroll is dropped in Tower of Art by the mob 'The High Priest of the One'.

Mobiles known to provide training in this proficiency:
*This proficiency is trained in Sigil by the mob 'The trainer of neophytes'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Towne of Xaventry by the mob 'A faith instructor'.
*This proficiency is trained in Vospire by the mob 'The guildmaster'.
Jovin I believe the scroll is also dropped in Rune Forest by the leader of the insane marauders.
Jovin From recall in Rune Forest... 2e 2s 2w 3s 2w 2s 5w 2sw 2w 1s 4w 2s 1w.

You take a damp white scroll from the corpse of Rais the insane.

Note that his corpse explodes shortly after killing him.