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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(435, 1232) in Alyria Yes Towne
You see the massive ironbound gates of the magical towne of Sigil.

Items in area Sigil

Item name Level Type Location
weapon a black leather whip 122 weapon Sigil
food a black mushroom 5 food Sigil
weapon a black polearm 50 weapon Sigil
parchment a blood-soaked notebook 10 parchment Sigil
armor a blue robe 210 armor Sigil
armor a bonedriven shield 100 armor Sigil
drink-container a bottle of Silverthorn Ale 15 drink-container Sigil
parchment a butterfly-shaped notecard 10 parchment Sigil
armor a crimson cloak 20 armor Sigil
weapon a crimson longsword 52 weapon Sigil
armor a crown of thorns 30 armor Sigil
armor a dark tunic 255 armor Sigil
container a delicate jewelry box 10 container Sigil
gem a diamond 15 gem Sigil
furniture a dimensional rift 5 furniture Sigil
furniture a dimensional rift 5 furniture Sigil
furniture a dimensional rift 5 furniture Sigil
treasure a dirty orb of excavation 240 treasure Sigil
food a goblin ear 5 food Sigil
weapon a green lion lance 30 weapon Sigil
clothing a green lion tabard 80 clothing Sigil
orb a green sphere 5 orb Sigil
weapon a hairless rodent 65 weapon Sigil
parchment a handcrafted parchment 10 parchment Sigil
treasure a handful of pixie dust 10 treasure Sigil
parchment a heart-shaped card 10 parchment Sigil
tool a jeweler's loupe 10 tool Sigil
food a juicy, ripe orange 15 food Sigil
fountain a large fountain of stone 1 fountain Sigil
drink-container a large red oil can 5 drink-container Sigil
food a large, ripe orange 15 food Sigil
weapon a merchant's pike 25 weapon Sigil
armor a meteorite slab 25 armor Sigil
food a minotaur heart 5 food Sigil
clothing a pair of black leather boots 70 clothing Sigil
armor a pair of ivory gauntlets 94 armor Sigil
armor a pair of ivory greaves 92 armor Sigil
jewelry a pair of silver handcuffs 120 jewelry Sigil
armor a pair of silver pauldrons 72 armor Sigil
gem a petrified seed 5 gem Sigil
musical-instrument a recording device 5 musical-instrument Sigil
staff a ruby-topped staff 22 staff Sigil
drink-container a rusty iron bucket 20 drink-container Sigil
weapon a rusty sabre 36 weapon Sigil
parchment a shadowy notebook 10 parchment Sigil
weapon a Sigil axe 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil dagger 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil mace 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil spear 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil sword 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil whip 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a Sigil yo-yo 35 weapon Sigil
weapon a silver thorn 68 weapon Sigil
weapon a silver throwing axe 72 weapon Sigil
key a silver unicorn key 80 key Sigil
weapon a silver unicorn's horn 132 weapon Sigil
parchment a silver-trimmed document 10 parchment Sigil
food a silverthorn plant 5 food Sigil
money a small pile of gold 5 money Sigil
potion a small, leaf-bound pouch 10 potion Sigil
furniture a solid oak chess-board 10 furniture Sigil
weapon a sordiculum whirlbat 44 weapon Sigil
furniture a space hopper 150 furniture Sigil
weapon a spear of the hemic unicorn 101 weapon Sigil
fountain a statue of Vendredi 10 fountain Sigil
drink-container a tankard of napalm 40 drink-container Sigil
drink-container a tankard of pink minx vodka 30 drink-container Sigil
spellbook a troglodyte assassin's spelbok 241 spellbook Sigil
treasure a vial of runestone powder 22 treasure Sigil
ward a ward of legerdemain 25 ward Sigil
weapon a wicked halberd 25 weapon Sigil
furniture a wooden park bench 10 furniture Sigil
jewelry an amethyst ring 30 jewelry Sigil
furniture an elaborate malachite throne 1 furniture Sigil
jewelry an eldmarian pendant 92 jewelry Sigil
weapon an Eldmarian Slayer 180 weapon Sigil
jewelry an emerald pendant 64 jewelry Sigil
key an enchanted ash key 10 key Sigil
clothing an enchanted harness 11 clothing Sigil
clothing an enchanted harness 11 clothing Sigil
musical-instrument an enchanted silver flute 70 musical-instrument Sigil
treasure an even dirtier orb of excavation 240 treasure Sigil
reagent-water an iridescent fish scale 10 reagent-water Sigil
weapon an iron cleaver 36 weapon Sigil
weapon an ivory boomerang 60 weapon Sigil
armor an ivory cuirass 90 armor Sigil
figurine an ivory statue 5 figurine Sigil
weapon an ivory warhammer 96 weapon Sigil
armor black gauntlets 241 armor Sigil
armor brass knuckledusters 100 armor Sigil
reagent-earth dried silverthorn leaves 10 reagent-earth Sigil
weapon reinforced wood throwing spear 500 weapon Sigil
armor the beastmaster's pelt 241 armor Sigil
weapon the crimson lance 146 weapon Sigil
armor the crimson tower shield 140 armor Sigil
artifact the dark wing of a manticore 60 artifact Sigil
treasure the dirtiest orb of excavation 240 treasure Sigil
armor the Dragon Lord armor 200 armor Sigil
armor the gauntlets of Odin [OS] 150 armor Sigil
armor the gauntlets of Rast Strikecraw 150 armor Sigil
furniture the Holy Pulpit of Uath 10 furniture Sigil
weapon the illusionist's shiv 55 weapon Sigil
weapon the Isalani staff 160 weapon Sigil
book the Journal of Acron 50 book Sigil
weapon the rabid rodent of death 122 weapon Sigil
artifact the Sacred Shrub 120 artifact Sigil
armor the skull of the guardian 220 armor Sigil
weapon the soul of Odin [OS] 150 weapon Sigil
weapon the soul of Rast Strikecraw 150 weapon Sigil
house-key the top bit of a massive, complex key 10 house-key Sigil
weapon the vengeful fisted claw of a yuan-ti 35 weapon Sigil
armor tunascale trousers 241 armor Sigil

NPCs in area Sigil

NPC Location
A beautiful druid Sigil
A bedraggled beggar Sigil
A beleaguered geomancer Sigil
A berserk manticore Sigil
A black knight Sigil
A black raven Sigil
A blackjack dealer Sigil
A blue bird Sigil
A blue knight Sigil
A buxom shopkeeper Sigil
A card dealer Sigil
A crimson guard Sigil
A crimson knight Sigil
A crippled troglodyte slave Sigil
A dagger instructor Sigil
A deft thief Sigil
A dracon shopkeeper Sigil
A drunken pirate Sigil
A fearless adventurer Sigil
A fey rogue Sigil
A flea beetle Sigil
A follower of Uath Sigil
A friendly entrepreneur Sigil
A gate guard Sigil
A giggling little girl Sigil
A gnome barbarian Sigil
A gnome druid Sigil
A goblin mercenary Sigil
A goblin ranger Sigil
A goblin slayer Sigil
A green knight Sigil
A guild member Sigil
A hidden illusionist Sigil
A high priest of earth Sigil
A horsefly Sigil
A hulking frogocerous Sigil
A human rogue Sigil
A juvenile water dragon Sigil
A lazy student Sigil
A lost troglodyte assassin Sigil
A mace instructor Sigil
A mageknight apprentice Sigil
A mangy dog Sigil
A master necromancer Sigil
A member of the Dark Brotherhood Sigil
A merry man Sigil
A messenger Sigil
A mighty stallion Sigil
A muscular hill-dwarf lookout Sigil
A noble lady Sigil
A novice adventuress Sigil
A padre of Dira Sigil
A perspiring cook Sigil
A pillar of earth Sigil
A plagued rat Sigil
A practice dummy Sigil
A praying druid Sigil
A priest of earth Sigil
A psychic old man Sigil
A recently-retired adventurer Sigil
A regular Sigil
A representative from the Sigil Tourism Board Sigil
A rugged reporter Sigil
A savage imp Sigil
A scruffy-looking man Sigil
A sidhe merchant Sigil
A silver knight Sigil
A sleek tabby cat Sigil
A small colorful fish Sigil
A sorcerer adept Sigil
A spear instructor Sigil
A spooky bat Sigil
A sword instructor Sigil
A tangle vine Sigil
A tomb raider Sigil
A tortured prisoner Sigil
A vendor Sigil
A visiting witch researcher Sigil
A wandering monk Sigil
A water sprite Sigil
A whip instructor Sigil
A yo-yo instructor Sigil
A young druid Sigil
Abominus the magician Sigil
Acron Sigil
Alioth Flint Sigil
Alto Pileus Sigil
An academy custodian Sigil
An academy instructor Sigil
An academy student Sigil
An alert city guard Sigil
An angry minotaur Sigil
An apprentice druid Sigil
An apprentice necromancer Sigil
An apprentice psionic Sigil
An apprentice ranger Sigil
An apprentice sorcerer Sigil
An axe instructor Sigil
An Eldmarian psionic Sigil
An energy tendril Sigil
An imprisoned mindtaker Sigil
An ogre cook Sigil
An ogre doorman Sigil
An old hag Sigil
An orange robed monk Sigil
Aradel, dealer in antiquities Sigil
Arianus, the master mage Sigil
Artur, King of Kona Sigil
Aryme, the shopkeeper Sigil
Baron Pileus Sigil
Baron von Hannibal Sigil
Baroness Pileus Sigil
Binky Sigil
Bruno, the bartender Sigil
Chalmes Sigil
Chumsley, the bartender Sigil
Cirra Pileus Sigil
Demonia Sigil
Eryn Sigil
Forsten, the tanner Sigil
Gank, the ogre barkeep Sigil
Garan Sigil
Gnyah Sigil
Grimward, the enchanter Sigil
Grindle, the baker Sigil
Grolam Sigil
Grunion Van Pelt Sigil
Gunther Sigil
Gwyllem, the enlightened one Sigil
Hegall Beork Sigil
Kalied Sigil
Kanthar Sigil
Kypell Sigil
Kyras Sigil
Leoric Sigil
Lord Vendredi Sigil
Lysle Sigil
Madame Fleura Sigil
Malus, the Enforcer Sigil
Marlee, the cartographer Sigil
One of the magecouncil's guards Sigil
One of the Master's apprentices Sigil
Pirquen, the shipwright Sigil
Popyll, the pharmacist Sigil
Pyrian, ranger master Sigil
Rabies Sigil
Sagesse, Lord Vendredi's advisor Sigil
Salem Sigil
Samantha Sigil
Sarig Sigil
Scelus, the Enforcer Sigil
Seamus Sigil
Snakos Sigil
Strecht, the butcher Sigil
Syranesti Sigil
Taron, Lord Vendredi's assistant Sigil
Terberus, the shipwright Sigil
The alchemist Sigil
The attendant Sigil
The bullfrog Sigil
The Captain of the Sigil Guard Sigil
The Dark Mistress Sigil
The drunk Sigil
The Eldmarian High Priest Sigil
The falcon Sigil
The First Sword Sigil
The guardian Sigil
The High Score Priest of Uath Sigil
The janitor Sigil
The jeweler Sigil
The mageknight warden Sigil
The master of clans Sigil
The neo-mindflayer Sigil
The savage womble Sigil
The sergeant Sigil
The Sigil postmaster Sigil
The teller Sigil
The Towne Crier Sigil
The trainer of neophytes Sigil
The wedding cleric Sigil
Thowsen, the dwarven shopkeeper Sigil
Trader Edgar Sigil
Trader Rupert Sigil
Tutela, the Enforcer Sigil
Vindico, the Enforcer Sigil
Warder Sigil
Ynefarius Sigil

Special rooms in the area

Room name
Recovery Room
The Courtyard of Vendredi
The Garden of Peace
Sigil Post Office
Bank of Sigil
The Audience Chamber
Sigil Lockers
Sigil Clan Master
Abominus's Scrolls and Magical Supplies
Aradel's Fine Antiques
Artur's Coffee and Cakes
Aryme's Fine Armor
Faithful Companions
Forsten's Leathers and Skins
Grimward's Enchanted Items
Grundle's Bakery
Grunion Van Pelt's Reward Emporium
Island Metal Works
Magical Brews
Popyll's Pharmacia
Samantha's Source of Power
Sigil Estate Jewelers
Sigil Mercantile
Sigil Survey Shoppe
Sotted Sow Bar
Strecht's Meats
The Broken Arrow
The Lottery Shoppe
The Merry Men's Outfitters
The Sigilan Harp
The Wedding Shop
The Whaler's Gift
Warder's Weapons
Academy Arena
The Arena of Vendredi
Atop The Walls
Descending the Shaft
A Smoke Filled Corner
Donation Room
New Adventurer's Center
Sigil Clan Master
Temple Courtyard
The Sigilan Harp
Temple Courtyard