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Cwn Annwn

NPC: A kindly witch

NPC: A kindly witch
Long Desc: A small, blonde woman stands here, practicing spells on a tangle vine.

Clad all in black, this woman stands out among the lush greens of
Xaventry.  However, her disposition is sunnier than her fashion, and she
seems eager to help you learn about the ways of witchcraft.  She smiles
quite a bit, and the only hint of possible malfeasance is the number of
horrific spells she is casting on a tangle vine at her feet.

She is a human approximately 5'9" tall.
This NPC is a member of the clergy for Animism, the Acknowledgment of the Life present in All Things (Earth).

This NPC can be found in: The Towne of Xaventry.
  …in The Edge of the Forest.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is stationary.
*This NPC is a trainer.
This NPC allows training in the following proficiencies:
This mob is required by the following quests:
- Combat Debuffs (50-250) from Lady Undya.
- A Witch's Glare (40-250) from Lady Undya.
- Leeching Lifeforce (35-250) from Lady Undya.
- Witchcraft (25-250) from Lady Undya.
- Your Home Town (15-250) from Lady Undya.