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Quest: The Technical Ranger

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This quest [32168] is called 'The Technical Ranger',
for Adventurers levels 25 to 250.
Lord Vendredi [Sigil] is the master in charge of this quest.
A RANGER has a strong connection with animals, making them excellent
mounted warriors. Combined with the stealth of the arrow, they make for
quite the sneaky opponent. Their keen eye for nature allows them to detect
things that normal eyes would neglect and, through magic, RANGERS can
sense hidden creatures. Travel to Tellerium. After exiting the Merdraco,
head north on the pier and find the Rogue Guild. Try to avoid any guards.
They look out for the sneaky type. Once at the Rogue Guild, practice your
ARCHERY skill. Before coming back to Auryn, visit the Cavalier's Guild.
They can teach you how to RIDE even the most unruly of wild mounts.
Then head to to Templeton and find a hidden thief. They can help you obtain
the scroll for the spell CAMOUFLAGE. This spell will help you truly
blend into your surroundings. You can learn how to cast this spell from the
assassin guildmaster in the Arcane Archipelago. Finally, visit the First
Sword and test your skills of DETECTING and DISARMING TRAPS.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 55 quest points, 5 practice points, 50,000 experience points,
 6 build points, 0 piety, and 5,000 gold pieces.
You have 300 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
The Technical Ranger consists of:
Phase 1: Journey to A Small Pier.
Phase 2: Journey to Guildmaster's Office. [ Hidden ]
Phase 3: Visit The archery trainer. [ Hidden ]
Phase 4: Visit The trainer. [ Hidden ]
Phase 5: Visit A hidden thief. [ Hidden ]
Phase 6: Visit An assassin guildmaster. [ Hidden ]
Phase 7: Visit The First Sword. [ Hidden ]