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Quest: Raising Things and Striking Them Down

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This quest [32030] is called 'Raising Things and Striking Them Down',
for Adventurers levels 55 to 250.
Lord Vashir [The Towne of New Rigel] is the master in charge of this quest.
In addition to monsters, wizards, ghosts and other beasts, you will have to
fight other adventurers as well. Luckily you are fairly well versed in
sneaky tactics by now. Spend some time developing your HELL RAISING
and STAKE RAISING skills by seeking out the knave in this town. He
will show you who to talk to to train those skills as well as how to
STRIKE an opponent DOWN quickly. Finally, while in Sigil, get some
practice with your abilities by talking to a gate guard there. He will
point you in the direction of a good fight.
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive:
*Up to 50 quest points, 5 practice points, 35,000 experience points,
 1 build points, 0 piety, and 2,500 gold pieces.
You have 350 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
Raising Things and Striking Them Down consists of:
Phase 1: Visit A knave for hire.
Phase 2: Visit General Naveel. [ Hidden ]
Phase 3: Visit The First Sword. [ Hidden ]
Phase 4: Visit A gate guard. [ Hidden ]
Phase 5: Journey to Eastern Gate of Vospire. [ Hidden ]
Phase 6: Journey to Town Square of Vospire. [ Hidden ]
Phase 7: Defeat A young squire. [ Hidden ]