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Cwn Annwn


Spell: COUNTERSPELL (a scroll of 'counterspell')
School: Abjuration
Complexity: 54%
Target: Offensive (Character)
SP Cost: 77 185
Classes that acquire this proficiency:
Paladin, Monk, Ranger, Wizard, Priest, Shaman


Used to counter a spell from an NPC or a PC. Time this two-second long spell to land during or at the end (for best results) of the spell being countered. It can send the countered spell back at the caster, surge the spell, or just cause the spell to fail. Level difference, luck and sanity all matter for success. Counterspell does not initiate combat, but will drop spell shield. Counter spell is not filtered by web.

    1 gem reagent, 1 ethereal reagent

Mobiles known to carry this scroll:
*This scroll is dropped in Atlantis by the mob 'The Archmage of Fire'.
*This scroll is dropped in Catacombs of Shame by the mob 'Seriende'.
*This scroll is dropped in Templeton by the mob 'An alchemist'.

Mobiles known to provide training in this proficiency:
*This proficiency is trained in Maldra Keep by the mob 'Andorin'.
*This proficiency is trained in Palace of Diocletian by the mob 'Otto'.
*This proficiency is trained in Sigil by the mob 'Arianus, the master mage'.
*This proficiency is trained in Tellerium by the mob 'Kessler'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Towne of Xaventry by the mob 'An aged sidhe'.
*This proficiency is trained in Towne of Decara by the mob 'An Archon master'.
*This proficiency is trained in Vospire by the mob 'The guildmaster'.