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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(350, 284) in Faerie Plane No planar
You see a small town of modest cottages and means lays nestled in the light forest.

Items in area Cavhfail

Item name Level Type Location
plant a bag of gray tobacco leaves 13 plant Cavhfail
plant a bag of green tobacco leaves 5 plant Cavhfail
key a black metal key 10 key Cavhfail
furniture a blood-stained table 20 furniture Cavhfail
food a bloodied arm 4 food Cavhfail
drink-container a bottle of blood 14 drink-container Cavhfail
food a bunch of toes 12 food Cavhfail
weapon a Cavhfail assassin's nunchaku 65 weapon Cavhfail
explosive a charcoal gray bomb 90 explosive Cavhfail
plant a cigar 9 plant Cavhfail
furniture a conference table 20 furniture Cavhfail
fountain a dark obsidian fountain 1 fountain Cavhfail
plant a double corona 14 plant Cavhfail
drink-container a faerie rum blend 11 drink-container Cavhfail
treasure a fey soldier doll 40 treasure Cavhfail
clothing a fey's winged cape 125 clothing Cavhfail
drink-container a flaming faerie 11 drink-container Cavhfail
weapon a gateguard's pike 115 weapon Cavhfail
weapon a glowing switchblade 45 weapon Cavhfail
food a homemade lunch 30 food Cavhfail
key a key enchanted with an ancient benediction 241 key Cavhfail
key a key of deception 1 key Cavhfail
furniture a large couch 1 furniture Cavhfail
food a large loaf of bread 3 food Cavhfail
furniture a large oak desk 20 furniture Cavhfail
furniture a large weapons rack 90 furniture Cavhfail
armor a pair of electrum boots 120 armor Cavhfail
food a pair of eyeballs 20 food Cavhfail
food a red pepper 5 food Cavhfail
plant a rolled tobacco stick 5 plant Cavhfail
furniture a round wooden table 20 furniture Cavhfail
armor a set of electrum armplates 125 armor Cavhfail
armor a set of electrum legplates 125 armor Cavhfail
armor a shield carved from electrum 125 armor Cavhfail
drink-container a shot of sidhe plasma 11 drink-container Cavhfail
weapon a silver porchu knife 95 weapon Cavhfail
container a skin of chewing tobacco 15 container Cavhfail
furniture a sleek copper bench 20 furniture Cavhfail
furniture a small cot 15 furniture Cavhfail
jewelry a small glass bead 10 jewelry Cavhfail
weapon a spear of Cavhfail 125 weapon Cavhfail
furniture a stainless steel table 120 furniture Cavhfail
furniture a steel forge 20 furniture Cavhfail
pill a sugar cube 5 pill Cavhfail
drink-container a tall drink 11 drink-container Cavhfail
food a thick brown scab 4 food Cavhfail
armor a trainee guard's uniform 15 armor Cavhfail
fountain a white ivory fountain 1 fountain Cavhfail
armor an electrum breastplate 125 armor Cavhfail
weapon an electrum sword 125 weapon Cavhfail
container an enormously tall bookshelf 90 container Cavhfail
light an oil-burning streetlight 200 light Cavhfail
furniture an overview map of Rahdiyr 20 furniture Cavhfail
light competing magics 10 light Cavhfail
food corpse pot pie 5 food Cavhfail
armor finster's gloves of weavery 186 armor Cavhfail
ore reddish ore 10 ore Cavhfail
armor some tattered prison clothing 120 armor Cavhfail
weapon the bloodied maul of deception 241 weapon Cavhfail
food the head of a sidhe official 55 food Cavhfail
weapon the majestic polearm of wisdom 240 weapon Cavhfail

NPCs in area Cavhfail

NPC Location
A beautiful fey woman Cavhfail
A berserking ankheg Cavhfail
A bloody fey butcher Cavhfail
A captured sidhe double-agent Cavhfail
A communications officer Cavhfail
A covert operations special agent Cavhfail
A covert ops squad leader Cavhfail
A distant traveller Cavhfail
A dust spider Cavhfail
A ferrier's assistant Cavhfail
A fey assassin Cavhfail
A fey commoner Cavhfail
A fey janitor Cavhfail
A gateguard Cavhfail
A gaunt sidhe prisoner Cavhfail
A giant glass beast Cavhfail
A hard-working private Cavhfail
A human immigrant Cavhfail
A junior intelligence officer Cavhfail
A military cook Cavhfail
A new recruit Cavhfail
A prison guard Cavhfail
A private in the military Cavhfail
A refugee healer Cavhfail
A reinforcement gateguard Cavhfail
A restaurant patron Cavhfail
A senior intelligence officer Cavhfail
A sentry guard Cavhfail
A tall, black friesian Cavhfail
A tired keep guard Cavhfail
A trainee guard Cavhfail
A war-hardened general Cavhfail
A winged rat Cavhfail
A young fey boy Cavhfail
An intermediate artificer Cavhfail
An ore guard Cavhfail
An overworked keep sentry Cavhfail
An overworked patrol guard Cavhfail
An Unseelie town guard Cavhfail
Brock, the smithy Cavhfail
Cluricaun Cavhfail
Codan the steelworker Cavhfail
Cortez, the bartender Cavhfail
Dijk the coppersmith Cavhfail
Duskforge, the armorer Cavhfail
Esther McGlodden Cavhfail
Excellon the silverworker Cavhfail
Fiera Ahdyon Cavhfail
Galtero, ferrier of electrum Cavhfail
Gilcrest, the head sentry Cavhfail
Glarunz the fey shopkeeper Cavhfail
Grora McGlodden Cavhfail
Gundrin the goldworker Cavhfail
Hocus, the fey witch Cavhfail
Kardon Gorlac Cavhfail
Larani the fey priestess Cavhfail
Lieutenant Emric Drassen Cavhfail
Lorecylg, the bombkeeper Cavhfail
Major Halem Cavhfail
Sergeant Aldric Iranio Cavhfail
Stark, the minstrel Cavhfail
The antique dealer Cavhfail
The crazed librarian Cavhfail
The director general Cavhfail
The elder Cavhfail
The executioner Cavhfail
The guard Bertok Cavell Cavhfail
The head of keep intelligence Cavhfail
The prison warden Cavhfail
The store attendant Cavhfail
Tolthar the cigar dealer Cavhfail
Xaphen the ironsmith Cavhfail
Zissi the confused Cavhfail

Special rooms in the area

Room name
The Center of a Massive Circle
Cavhfail Savings and Loan
Alyrian Imports
Blue Crescent Tavern
Cavhfail Food Distributors
Cavhfail Smithy
Duskforge's Armory
Glarunz's General Goods
Melee War Supplies
The Meat Shop
Tolthar's Tobacco
Witchcraft and Wizardry
A Bottomless Pit of Despair
A Relaxing Lounge
Shrine of Queen Tirona
A Very Long Fall...