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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(538, 1252) in Sigil Underground Yes Underg
You see the main settlers' outpost, Fort Genauras.

Items in area Genauras

Item name Level Type Location
drink-container a bottle of L'Esprit du Dauphin 25 drink-container Genauras
reagent-ethereal a bubbling chartreuse vial 10 reagent-ethereal Genauras
key a closet key 1 key Genauras
furniture a comfortable straw bed 1 furniture Genauras
reagent-fire a fizzing purple beaker 50 reagent-fire Genauras
reagent A fluffy piece of cloud 1 reagent Genauras
reagent a glob of distorting goo 10 reagent Genauras
key a key with a skull and crossbones 10 key Genauras
key a key with a skull and crossbones 10 key Genauras
parchment a lost bit of the Wizard's wisdom 10 parchment Genauras
reagent a moon rock from Marabah 10 reagent Genauras
reagent a moon rock from Trigael 1 reagent Genauras
container a pentagram 10 container Genauras
reagent a pure white luna flower 10 reagent Genauras
treasure a shiny white orb 10 treasure Genauras
book a tome named 'Natura di Scienza' 40 book Genauras
container a wine rack 1 container Genauras
container an old wooden box 1 container Genauras
armor the gloves of murder 241 armor Genauras

NPCs in area Genauras

NPC Location
A brooding monk Genauras
A burly armor merchant Genauras
A busy bartender Genauras
A cloaked ritualist Genauras
A Frontier Guard Genauras
A gate guard Genauras
A happily intoxicated settler Genauras
A hungry recruit Genauras
A missionary healer Genauras
A mother coddling a baby Genauras
A mysterious cloaked scholar Genauras
A nervous military applicant Genauras
A new recruit Genauras
A pale spider Genauras
A patrolling guard Genauras
A poor settler Genauras
A resting guard Genauras
A scout of the Frontier Guard Genauras
A settler Genauras
A strict corporal Genauras
A sweaty worker Genauras
A weapons merchant Genauras
A weary traveler Genauras
A wounded adventurer Genauras
An elven nurse Genauras
An exhausted settler Genauras
An overworked cook Genauras
Archmage Oranillis Genauras
Captain Rynus Genauras
Firon Genauras
Lieutenant Taelsia Genauras
Magistrate Goram Genauras
Nikodemius, the innkeeper Genauras
Postmaster Freddricks Genauras
Professor Ordunvec Genauras
Raspite Genauras
Sergeant Morriden Genauras
Sorgan Genauras

Special rooms in the area

Room name
A Busy Kitchen
A Candlelit Library
A Cluttered Laboratory
A Cobwebbed Barn Entrance
A Cozy Bedroom
A Cozy Lounge
A Dirt-Filled Pocket
A Dirty Courtyard
A Dirty House
A Dirty Stall
A House Tent
A Humble Cabin
A Meager Cottage
A Secret Passageway
A Shanty
A Small Suite
A Small Tent
A Smokey Tent
A Snug Cottage
A Spacious Suite
A Tiny Bathroom
A Well-Kept Home
Along the Diamond of Empowerment
An Empty Corner
An Underground Bunker
Approaching a Ritual Chamber
Bar Tent
Barracks of the Guard
Before the Stables
Beneath the Scout Tower
Bottom of a Musty Stairway
Brightly-lit Tunnel
Center of a Huge Tent
Central Ritual Chamber
Climbing the Scout Tower
Corner of Guardian and Ward
Corner of Sentinel and Vigilance
Corner of Vigilance and Guardian
Corner of Ward and Sentinel
Cramped Bedroom
Dimly Lit Hallway
Dirty Sleeping Area
Dysmal Caves Inn Foyer
Eastern Ritual Chamber
Enrollment Office
Entrance of Fort Genauras
Fort Avenue
Genauras Barracks
Guardian Way
Hallway Within Fort Genauras
Intersection of Fort and Tyras
Intersection of Fort and Vigilance
Intersection of Guardian and Tyras
Intersection of Tyras and Sentinel
Lieutenant's Chamber
Lower Ritual Chamber
Makeshift Temple
Meeting of Passageways
Mess Hall
Musty Landing
Noisy Hallway
Northern Ritual Chamber
Office of Captain Rynus
Office of the Magistrate
Overlooking the Murgow Plains
Passing the Gates of Fort Genauras
Post Master's Office
Provision Storage
Raspite's Exchange
Sentinel Street
Southern Ritual Chamber
Stable Stall
Stables of Fort Genauras
Supply Storage
Tent of the Smith
Tyras Way
Under a Huge Tent
Vigilance Road
Ward Road
Western Ritual Chamber
Missionary's Tent
Missionary's Tent