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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(1433, 1056) in Underground Yes Towne
You see rising plumes of smoke from a series of chimneys chiseled into the rocky hillside.

Items in area Vir

Item name Level Type Location
armor a baldric of mauling 200 armor Vir
light a banner of Vir 76 light Vir
musical-instrument a basilisk horn 165 musical-instrument Vir
reagent-air a bat's wing 5 reagent-air Vir
weapon a beastmaster's whip 241 weapon Vir
key a bent steel key 40 key Vir
weapon a black spider's egg sac 241 weapon Vir
food a blind flounder 20 food Vir
drink-container a bloody malt 80 drink-container Vir
drink-container a bottle of polish 85 drink-container Vir
armor a breastplate of the flaming wing 139 armor Vir
furniture a bucket 5 furniture Vir
armor a buckler of the flaming wing 188 armor Vir
treasure a build your own dracon wings kit 25 treasure Vir
weapon a carving knife 108 weapon Vir
key a cell key 120 key Vir
parchment a certificate of achievement 5 parchment Vir
herbal-mixture a charred black herb 145 herbal-mixture Vir
reagent-fire a charred branch 5 reagent-fire Vir
food a cherry topped float 75 food Vir
food a chocolate brownie 30 food Vir
food a chocolate covered mushroom 85 food Vir
pick-axe a clawed pick 66 pick-axe Vir
trash a clump of moss 30 trash Vir
armor a crown of teeth 113 armor Vir
key a crystal key 240 key Vir
herbal-mixture a dark green herb 120 herbal-mixture Vir
container a deep dweller's bag 125 container Vir
musical-instrument a deep forged drum 235 musical-instrument Vir
armor a dented shield 123 armor Vir
jewelry a diamond shackle 103 jewelry Vir
reagent-astral a diamond stud 25 reagent-astral Vir
wand a dracon firestick 170 wand Vir
drink-container a dracon wine 80 drink-container Vir
weapon a draconian lash 125 weapon Vir
weapon a draconian throwing star 140 weapon Vir
amulet a dragon breath bracer 225 amulet Vir
artifact a dragon firestick 241 artifact Vir
clothing a faerie belt 125 clothing Vir
armor a faerie mask 147 armor Vir
treasure a fallen star of nefarious black 10 treasure Vir
statue a fertility statue 10 statue Vir
drink-container a festival mug 80 drink-container Vir
key a figurine of the Queen 90 key Vir
treasure a fire token 80 treasure Vir
clothing a fire wizard's cape 164 clothing Vir
plant a fluffy yellow dahlia 5 plant Vir
food a frosted cake 85 food Vir
light a giant dragon's skull 241 light Vir
jewelry a giant pearl necklace 97 jewelry Vir
drink-container a glass of underground water 80 drink-container Vir
potion a glistening vial 45 potion Vir
money a gold stash 15 money Vir
telescope a golden telescope 150 telescope Vir
book a guide to the underground 65 book Vir
treasure a half-eaten head 10 treasure Vir
key a hatchling key 125 key Vir
armor a helm of imprisonment 110 armor Vir
armor a helmet of the flaming wing 185 armor Vir
musical-instrument a jade tambourine 180 musical-instrument Vir
weapon a jaded pike 106 weapon Vir
weapon a jeweled sceptre of Vir 185 weapon Vir
clothing a jingling hat 200 clothing Vir
food a kobold sandwich 80 food Vir
weapon a kobudo of the faithless 241 weapon Vir
treasure a large black orchid 120 treasure Vir
furniture a large iron-worked gate 30 furniture Vir
container a large mithril forge 5 container Vir
herbal-mixture a light green herb 120 herbal-mixture Vir
container a looting sack 241 container Vir
furniture a magnificent statue 10 furniture Vir
fountain a magnificent statue 10 fountain Vir
clothing a maid's uniform 65 clothing Vir
weapon a manrikigusari 241 weapon Vir
weapon a matron's halberd 235 weapon Vir
food a meatball sandwich 60 food Vir
treasure a mithril colored metal mold 85 treasure Vir
sextant a mithril sextant 90 sextant Vir
spade a mithril spade 125 spade Vir
toy a moose-in-the-box 20 toy Vir
weapon a ninja starfish 241 weapon Vir
artifact a pair of cuticle clippers 200 artifact Vir
armor a pair of scaled gauntlets 138 armor Vir
artifact a pair of talon clippers 79 artifact Vir
armor a pair of whispering boots 223 armor Vir
key a palladium pick 60 key Vir
plant a peach colored potted plant 5 plant Vir
armor a piece of mithril wing armor 241 armor Vir
furniture a pogo stick 150 furniture Vir
weapon a polearm called 'Cosmos' 241 weapon Vir
weapon a polearm christened 'Cosmos' 241 weapon Vir
pill a porous pill 70 pill Vir
potion a potion of healing 180 potion Vir
armor a prosthetic dracon tail 125 armor Vir
clothing a ragged square of cloth 60 clothing Vir
plant a rainbow colored daisy 5 plant Vir
herbal-mixture a rainbow colored herb 240 herbal-mixture Vir
plant a red and white rose 5 plant Vir
treasure a refined piece of iron 75 treasure Vir
jewelry a rice paper ringlet from the master of the drunken monkey 241 jewelry Vir
jewelry a ring of persuasion 179 jewelry Vir
weapon a rolling pin 87 weapon Vir
food a rothe leg 25 food Vir
food a rotisserie rothe leg 32 food Vir
parchment a royal invitation 25 parchment Vir
jewelry a ruby anklet 100 jewelry Vir
artifact a rune inscribed egg 110 artifact Vir
jewelry a rune-inscribed ring 200 jewelry Vir
furniture a rusty steel handle 1 furniture Vir
furniture a rusty steel handle 1 furniture Vir
weapon a sacrificial bone dagger 123 weapon Vir
food a scoop of vanilla 75 food Vir
weapon a semi-automatic slug-thrower 198 weapon Vir
armor a set of banded leggings 123 armor Vir
musical-instrument a set of dracon cymbals 195 musical-instrument Vir
armor a set of poisoned nails 125 armor Vir
armor a set of standard issue boots of Vir 105 armor Vir
armor a set of standard issue gloves of Vir 114 armor Vir
jewelry a shadow amulet 78 jewelry Vir
armor a shimmering wing 116 armor Vir
herbal-mixture a shining herbal mixture 120 herbal-mixture Vir
armor a shroud of stars 241 armor Vir
jewelry a signet ring of Vir 200 jewelry Vir
clothing a silk tie 88 clothing Vir
treasure a silver metal mold 85 treasure Vir
plant a silver rose 5 plant Vir
food a slug platter 35 food Vir
treasure a small bit of iron ore 85 treasure Vir
plant a small bouquet of violets 5 plant Vir
explosive a small golden bomb 30 explosive Vir
reagent-water a small guppy 5 reagent-water Vir
herbal-mixture a soft violet herb 180 herbal-mixture Vir
food a sour sucker 85 food Vir
weapon a spider shaped dagger 165 weapon Vir
plant a spray of small orchids 5 plant Vir
food a sprinkle covered cake 75 food Vir
food a sprinkled snail 85 food Vir
weapon a staff called 'avenger' 241 weapon Vir
staff a staff of the flaming wing 140 staff Vir
clothing a stained apron 111 clothing Vir
weapon a stalactite 100 weapon Vir
armor a standard issue band of Vir 105 armor Vir
clothing a standard issue belt of Vir 100 clothing Vir
clothing a standard issue bracer of Vir 110 clothing Vir
armor a standard issue helmet of Vir 110 armor Vir
weapon a standard issue pike of Vir 103 weapon Vir
armor a standard issue shield of Vir 102 armor Vir
food a steamed bat 20 food Vir
drink-container a steel cup of liquor 80 drink-container Vir
food a string of rock candy 85 food Vir
artifact a talon file 65 artifact Vir
drink-container a talon twister 80 drink-container Vir
food a tart lollipop 85 food Vir
lockpick a thief's key 88 lockpick Vir
container a thief's purse 100 container Vir
weapon a tigress hook 235 weapon Vir
spellbook a tome titled, 'Inferno' 241 spellbook Vir
drink-container a vial of pleasure oil 55 drink-container Vir
wand a wand of instrument reinforcement 241 wand Vir
wand a wand of nothingness 240 wand Vir
jewelry a ward of fire bane 220 jewelry Vir
book a Watcher's notepad 80 book Vir
weapon a whip of fangs 125 weapon Vir
armor a wingtip of the flaming wing 185 armor Vir
clothing an 'I went to Vir and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' shirt 85 clothing Vir
weapon an aerodynamic Unseelie morphbeast 241 weapon Vir
ankh an ankh of the flaming wing 122 ankh Vir
food an assorted meat salami 60 food Vir
food an eel pie 20 food Vir
clothing an elbow brace 50 clothing Vir
reagent-ethereal an essence of the source 5 reagent-ethereal Vir
trash an ice blue towel 15 trash Vir
jewelry an ice dragon's ring 156 jewelry Vir
explosive an ice shard 110 explosive Vir
book an invocation of the Source 130 book Vir
writing-instrument an ivory pen 35 writing-instrument Vir
weapon an obsidian spear 135 weapon Vir
orb an orb of darkness 120 orb Vir
reagent-earth an underground fungus 5 reagent-earth Vir
drink-container an underground ulcer 80 drink-container Vir
armor armbands of the flaming wing 185 armor Vir
weapon bolelgg 97 weapon Vir
armor bonedragon kurokote 241 armor Vir
treasure dracon dentures 123 treasure Vir
food dracon rations 30 food Vir
armor leggings of the flaming wing 185 armor Vir
food Sith's special 75 food Vir
weapon the black blade of disaster 115 weapon Vir
weapon the bleeder 125 weapon Vir
light the candle of illumination 85 light Vir
book the command of the Source 130 book Vir
armor the crown of Vir 241 armor Vir
key the fire key 89 key Vir
container the guildmaster's sash 168 container Vir
armor the leggings of a young dragon 241 armor Vir
weapon the protector of Vir 223 weapon Vir
parchment the Rune ambassador's dispatch 80 parchment Vir
weapon the scythe of corruptors 185 weapon Vir
book the teachings of the Source 130 book Vir
house-key the underside of a massive, complex key 10 house-key Vir
armor the wings of Tiarmis 124 armor Vir
armor white hand wraps 220 armor Vir

NPCs in area Vir

NPC Location
A banquet guest Vir
A black dragon statue Vir
A bucket Vir
A burly thug Vir
A busy citizen Vir
A busy maid Vir
A chained guardian Vir
A chanting priest Vir
A comfortable resident Vir
A common criminal Vir
A crippled dracon prisoner Vir
A dashing dancer Vir
A decaying dracon Vir
A defiant warrior Vir
A despondent sidhe Vir
A destitute halfling Vir
A dracon apprentice Vir
A dracon bather Vir
A dracon fanatic Vir
A dracon gate guard Vir
A dracon hoodlum Vir
A dracon miner Vir
A dracon page Vir
A drow ambassador Vir
A drow assassin Vir
A dust maid Vir
A fey ambassador Vir
A flustered servant Vir
A golem sentinel Vir
A gray bat Vir
A guild thief Vir
A handmaiden Vir
A handmaiden-in-waiting Vir
A housekeeper Vir
A juvenile dracon Vir
A kitchen drudge Vir
A lady in waiting Vir
A liveried servant Vir
A lovely dancer Vir
A mad dwarf Vir
A magma beast Vir
A meditating dracon Vir
A nervous customer Vir
A novice thief Vir
A palace wizard Vir
A personal masseuse Vir
A pitiful beggar Vir
A pitiful slave Vir
A plump dracon Vir
A poor dracon resident Vir
A practice dummy Vir
A quick thief Vir
A royal baker Vir
A royal cook Vir
A royal guard Vir
A royal guest Vir
A scavenger Vir
A scruffy mercenary Vir
A shadow Vir
A simpering servant Vir
A skittering cockroach Vir
A spy of Vir Vir
A suffering minotaur Vir
A summoned defender Vir
A summoned glabrezu Vir
A thief instructor Vir
A tidy maid Vir
A tired citizen Vir
A tortured prisoner Vir
A tortured spy Vir
A translucent cube Vir
A Vir town guard Vir
A wandering wraith Vir
A wealthy dracon resident Vir
A worm Vir
A young dracon Vir
An academy instructor Vir
An academy student Vir
An albino rat Vir
An ambassador of Lord Maldra Vir
An ancient monk Vir
An aspiring apprentice Vir
An avaricious minotaur Vir
An elderly dracon Vir
An elite guard Vir
An elite palace guard Vir
An emaciated elf Vir
An unhappy hobgoblin Vir
Anthas, advisor to the queen Vir
B'nal Vir
Balanath, the dwarven barkeep Vir
Belial, advisor to the queen Vir
Beltrim, the fool Vir
Beyonder, guardian of the source Vir
Braeden Vir
Cheldean the shopkeeper Vir
Cyruss the blacksmith Vir
Dastelia, the deli vendor Vir
Deragaz, the metalsmith Vir
Faedra, the herb vendor Vir
Farquar, the ferret Vir
Fil, the tattoo artist Vir
Frassor, academy headmaster Vir
Gleeb the junk collector Vir
Grauloth, the postmaster Vir
Illithuran, the music shopkeeper Vir
Illitztralli Vir
Kahlemaz, the harlot Vir
Kahzeem, vendor of religious items Vir
Korenna, vendor of sweets Vir
Krandal, advisor to the queen Vir
Lileen, the piercing artist Vir
Marwin, academy secretary Vir
Maurees Vir
Meridel the cook Vir
Naria Vir
Neesa Vir
Noelani, the concubine Vir
Rastal the general store shopkeeper Vir
Raviv the souvenir vendor Vir
Rikko, sergeant of the elite guard Vir
Shoehorn Vir
Sith, the ice cream vendor Vir
Skoritz Vir
Tadeas, the criminal leader Vir
The assistant cook Vir
The Captain of the Vir Guard Vir
The dungeon master Vir
The master of agony Vir
The mine foreman Vir
Tinia, the Queen's pet dragon Vir
Tiree, purveyor of exquisite flowers Vir
Trigos, the manicurist Vir
Vauldroth, the Kung Fu dracon Vir
Vextrinas, Priestess of Fire Vir
Viridis, Queen of Dracons Vir
Vriztak, the banker Vir
Waagz, the magic shopkeeper Vir
Xerva, the fire wizard Vir

Special rooms in the area

Room name
Gleeb's This N' That
Implements of Destruction
Great Vir Arena
A Heat-Blasted Hallway
A Noise-Filled Hallway
A Scorched Landing
A Small Break Room
A Three-Way Intersection
Before an Iron Door
Bend in the Corridor
Bridge Over the Pit
Climbing Down the Tunnel
Cramped Storage Room
East End of the Bridge
Foreman's Office
Great Vir Arena
Inside the Forge
Path into the Pit
Rim Encircling the Pit
Unstable Portion of the Bridge
In the Lava Pit
A Small Break Room
Entrance to the Refinery
Healer's Room