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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(375, 636) in Alyria No Underw
You see a scarcely-visible signpost partially obscured by jungle flora.

Items in area Aequtus

Item name Level Type Location
drink-container a bottle of Aequtan beer 20 drink-container Aequtus
clothing a clever merfolk costume 126 clothing Aequtus
egg a deepspawn egg 171 egg Aequtus
spade a farmer's hoe 20 spade Aequtus
furniture a giant sandcrab egg 120 furniture Aequtus
light a harmony crystal 126 light Aequtus
key a melted black key 10 key Aequtus
trash a piece of coral 10 trash Aequtus
trash a pile of bones 1 trash Aequtus
container a ring of damnation 165 container Aequtus
reagent-earth a single seashell 5 reagent-earth Aequtus
trash an old boot 10 trash Aequtus
orb the Eye of Ina 170 orb Aequtus
trash the wreckage of a ship 1 trash Aequtus

NPCs in area Aequtus

NPC Location
A beached whale Aequtus
A blind cave fish Aequtus
A blowfish Aequtus
A catatonic crewman Aequtus
A citizen of Ina Aequtus
A crackling Aequtus
A crazy-eyed cannibal Aequtus
A deepspawn protector Aequtus
A devout worshiper Aequtus
A downtrodden slave Aequtus
A false prophet Aequtus
A false prophet Aequtus
A false prophet Aequtus
A false prophet Aequtus
A giant sand crab Aequtus
A helpless passenger Aequtus
A holy priest Aequtus
A lernaean hydra Aequtus
A madman Aequtus
A manifestation of Voca, the Witch Voice of the Lonely Shore Aequtus
A mermaid Aequtus
A merman Aequtus
A merman thief Aequtus
A mind leech Aequtus
A morkoth Aequtus
A native medicine man Aequtus
A noble narwhal Aequtus
A passage guard Aequtus
A phantasmal kraken Aequtus
A phantom ferryman Aequtus
A polka musician Aequtus
A poor merman Aequtus
A prehistoric kraken Aequtus
A priestess of Ina Aequtus
A ragtag villager Aequtus
A raven of ill omen Aequtus
A ravenous seagull Aequtus
A restless spirit Aequtus
A royal butler Aequtus
A royal merman guard Aequtus
A sailfish Aequtus
A salamander slave master Aequtus
A seaturtle Aequtus
A shimmering peregrin Aequtus
A shivering selkie Aequtus
A sirine Aequtus
A skeleton crew member Aequtus
A slithering coral snake Aequtus
A spectral shade Aequtus
A sponge streetlight Aequtus
A starfish Aequtus
A steam elemental Aequtus
A sunfish Aequtus
A swift pair of hands Aequtus
A terrified survivor Aequtus
A translucent tendril Aequtus
A village youngster Aequtus
A water sprite Aequtus
A wealthy mermaid Aequtus
A wealthy merman Aequtus
A white shark Aequtus
A zombie parrot Aequtus
Aariana, the Siren Queen Aequtus
Ailiianpal the baker Aequtus
Allswelth, the smith Aequtus
An aboleth Aequtus
An aging walrus Aequtus
An albatross Aequtus
An albino minnow Aequtus
An arctic grizzly bear Aequtus
An emperor penguin Aequtus
An icy-white sea dragon Aequtus
An Ina Dome guard Aequtus
An Ina merman Aequtus
An intestine wall Aequtus
An octopus Aequtus
An undead pirate Aequtus
Babbaros Aequtus
Ballabai Aequtus
Beuchaan, the cook Aequtus
Briesha Aequtus
Edda Finley Aequtus
Erichin Aequtus
First mate Arnwal Aequtus
Golboi Aequtus
Innamar the breaker Aequtus
Jyman Aequtus
Karal Lazyeye Aequtus
Liani Aequtus
Mallaan Aras, the master paladin Aequtus
Margos, the Seasinger Aequtus
Marie the magic shop owner Aequtus
Misina Aequtus
Momotu Aequtus
Octavius the bartender Aequtus
Pielat Aequtus
Salak Blackcoat the trader Aequtus
The Archmage of Fire Aequtus
The king's guard Aequtus
The kitchen guard Aequtus
The Krakodon Aequtus
The pit fiend Aequtus
The queen's guard Aequtus
The royal court mage Aequtus
The royal swordmaster Aequtus
The sea hag, Elleva Aequtus
The spectral King Aequtus
The spectre of Queen Siyarna Aequtus
The wicked King Alsaalan Aequtus
Tiktik Aequtus
Two-tails the pirate Aequtus
Valle Aequtus
Whalsarn, the warrior Aequtus
Williamson Castaway Aequtus

Special rooms in the area

Room name
D'V Jun's Locker Rentals
A Castaway's Hovel
A Dark Corner of the Salty Shark
Dead End Alley
Raging Current Used Books
The Coral Market
The Sea Biscuit
The Upper Gallery
A Lave Razed Lane
A Wealthy Merfolk Home
Oceanic Lane
Seahorse Lane
Starboard Cargo Bay
The Center Square of Atlantis
Under-Ocean Avenue
A Badly Broken Bridge
A Castaway's Hovel
A Charged Vestibule
A Chilly Hut
A Chilly Storage Room
A Colapsed Causeway
A Colossus
A Comfortable Cabin
A Cool Cavern Pool
A Cool Underground Stream
A Corner Table
A Crack in the Glacial Wall
A Creaking Rope Bridge
A Crude Storage Room
A Crude Tunnel
A Curious Hallway
A Dam of Ice
A Dangerously Tight Tunnel
A Dark Corner of the Salty Shark
A Deep Recess
A Desolate Beach
A Freshly Dug Tunnel
A Frozen Sanddune
A Garden of Glowing Lichen
A Glowing Bed of Lichen
A Grand Avenue
A Grooved and Sloping Tunnel
A High Rocky Nest
A Huge Air Pocket
A Landscape of Dead Fish
A Lukewarm Pool of Melted Ice
A Luminous Tunnel
A Luminous Tunnel Juncture
A Martyr's Masthead
A Martyred Masthead
A Medicine Man's Hut
A Modest Hallway
A Modest Merfolk Home
A Muted Slaves' Quarters
A Noiseless Passage
A Passage Between Levels
A Passenger Suite
A Placid Pool
A Pristine Bedchamber
A Quiet Hallway
A Reflecting Pool
A Rocky Chasm Trace
A Room for Ladies in Waiting
A Room of Boiling Hot Water
A Royal Berth
A Run-Down Old Bedroom
A Seedy Bedroom
A Semitropical Beach
A Shallow Stair
A Ship's Graveyard
A Short Hallway
A Short Stair
A Skewed Corner
A Solemn Vestibule
A Soothing Hot Spring
A Spiritual Annex
A Steep Icy Ledge
A Steeping Cave
A Thermal Cavern
A Thermal Ice Melt
A Tool Room
A Trail of Despair
A Trail of Footprints
A Tunnel Carved By Icy Water
A Twin Stair
A Valley of Wreckage
A Vast Dinning Hall
A Very Narrow Cavern
A Vigilant Totem
A Wall of Grimacing Machines
A Wealthy Merfolk Home
A Well Guarded Passage
A Well Worn Passage
A Whale's Graveyard
A Widening Passage Down
Alsswelth's Fish Forge
Ambassador's Suite
An Ancient Mountain Trail
An Area That Is All Too Quiet
An Eerily Luminous Chamber
An Elegant Hallway
An Enchanted Bridge
An Enourmous Air Pocket
An Icy Cobblestone Path
An Icy Ledge
An Icy Mountain Trail
An Icy Shore
An Ivory Path
An Odd Algae Growth
An Odd Little Cave
An Orderly Corridor
An Underwater Cave
Battle Stations
Captain's Bunk
Captain's Quarters
Cargo Bay
Cargo Hold
Cargo Shaft
Chamber of The Divine Guard
Cleric's Cabin
Coral Street
Cordage Room
Crew Quarters
Crow's Nest
Crystal Mine
D'V Jun's Locker Rentals
Dead End Alley
Eiram's Shop of Wonders
Firing Line
General Mess
Guest Quarters
In The Rigging
Inside an Underwater Fissure
Lair of the Guardian
Main Deck
Main Hold
Main Mast
Map Room
Marie's Shop of Wonders
Matrons Avenue
Matrons Corner Cafe
Mess Hall
Mizen Mast
Officer's Mess
Officer's Quarters
Port Cargo Bay
Quarter Deck
Quarter Mast
Raging Current Used Books
Recreation Room
Rope Room
Sail Room
Small Tackle Storage
Staircase to Second Floor
Tackle Room
The Antechamber
The Armory
The Ascension of Ina
The Avatar's Throne Room
The Beacon of Ina
The Bow
The Center of the Yard
The Chapel
The Collapsed Gates of Inalandia
The Coral Market
The Crow's Nest
The Dance Floor of The Salty Shark
The Drunkard's Room
The Eastern End of an Ancient Lava Branch
The Entrance to Betrayal
The Entrance to The Palace
The Gapping Maw of a Subterranean Fissure
The Gates of Harmony
The Glass Ledge of A Once Mighty Dome
The Guardian Totem
The Hall of Maids
The Hall of Rememberance
The Hall of Warriors
The Healing Hymn
The Heart of Ina
The King's Bedchamber
The King's Guard
The King's Walk
The Kitchen
The Main Deck
The Main Mast
The Main room of The Salty Shark Tavern
The Midcastle
The Priestess' Quarters
The Queen's Bedchamber
The Queen's Guard
The Queen's Walk
The Royal Dinning Room
The Royal Library
The Royal Nursery
The Sea Biscuit
The Second Floor Hallway
The Second Floor Landing
The Shield Maiden's Room
The Ship's Lounge
The Shrine of Ina
The Splintered Remains of an Oriental Junk
The Storeroom of the Salty Shark Tavern
The Temple Hallway
The Throne Room
The Throne of The Sea King
The Upper Gallery
The Village Food Store
The Wall of Tears
The Wheel
Triton Lane
Upper Aftcastle
Weapons Storage
A Writhing Snake Pit
Inside an Underwater Fissure
The Wheel
Into The Belly of The Beast